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What makes us unique is that we want to provide solutions for the little people who seem to be overlooked.

Belts 4tods

Providing elasticated, adjustable belts for your toddlers.

One belt can fit a toddler’s waist that is just 52cm and the same belt can be used till he/she gets to 92cm.

Launching soon!

Our other ranges of products are coming soon…

We’re Almost There!

Keep checking back to be the first to see the new stuff!

Conquering the last mountain

We just need to ascend that last hill to bring you the best quality products for you little people.


The reason behind 4tods
Be gone with falling pants and over-sized clothing accessories!

4tods is where you will find all the accessories that will actually fit your child..

The 4tods Group was founded by a mother, who was fed up with constantly searching for the perfect fitting accessories and decided to provide a range of quality tailored toddler accessories to the public ever since.

Located in Midrand, Johannesburg she aspires assist anywhere she can and to do all kinds of awesome things for her community.

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Being a fairly new company we are growing steadily...
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Super Mum

Founder & Ship Captain
4tods group was founded by this mum to fill the gap for her kids who could not find the right stuff for her kids.. She shys away from photos..Lest her identity be revealed..
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The IT Guy

Web Designer/Content Author/…
Clearly hard at work, out IT guy keeps our site updated and also does most of our branding.. We try to keep him happy is his dungeon..I mean office!
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The Spreadsheet

Account Manager
The best partner for a small business..

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